IS-SLT – Hazardous Area Threaded Signal Line Protectors


The intrinsically safe and flameproof IS-SLT range provides surge protection for most twisted pair signal cables associated with intriscally safe field devices.

Novaris ‘IS-SLT’ products are certified intrinsically safe and flameproof according to IEC Ex and ATEX and so may be installed in Ex d rated instruments without loss of integrity.

The multistage design provides a high energy gas discharge tube (GDT) as primary protection for common mode disturbances, commonly associated with lightning strikes and power system earth faults and a secondary metal-oxide varistor clamping stage across the signal lines. This combination provides very robust surge protection with high transient suppression and low let-through voltages. In addition protection is provided for cable screens which may be open circuit at the instrument.

Product Codes: IS-SLT1-7v5, IS-SLT1-18, IS-SLT1-36, IS-SLT3-7v5, IS-SLT3-18, IS-SLT3-36, IS-SLT4-RTD