SFM – Surge Filters 40 – 125 A



Novaris SFM surge filters provide excellent and effective MSB and DB protection for critical equipment from 40A to 125A per phase.

The SFM series utilize a 3 stage protection approach with 1st and 3rd stage MOV protection and a 2nd stage low pass LC filter.

Product codes: SFM1-40-50-275, SFM1-40-200-275, SFM3-40-50-275, SFM3-40-200-275, SFM1-63-50-275, SFM1-63-200-275, SFM3-63-50-275, SFM3-63-200-275, SFM1-125-50-275, SFM1-125-200-275, SFM3-125-50-275, SFM3-125-200-275