SLT – Threaded Signal Line Protectors


Novaris threaded instrument protectors provide surge protection for instrumentation and are designed to be installed directly at the field equipment providing protection against induced surges and transients. They are suitable for two, three and four wire instruments. SLT models are available for signalling systems up to 200V.

The multistage design provides a high energy gas discharge tube (GDT) as primary protection for common mode disturbances, commonly associated with lightning strikes and power system earth faults and a secondary metal-oxide varistor clamping stage across the signal lines. This combination provides very robust surge protection with high transient suppression and low let-through voltages. In addition protection is provided for cable screens which may be open circuit at the instrument.

Product Codes: SLT1-7v5, SLT1-18, SLT1-36, SLT1-68, SLT1-200, SLT3-7v5, SLT3-18, SLT3-36, SLT3-68, SLT3-200, SLT4-7v5, SLT4-18, SLT4-36, SLT4-68, SLT4-200, SLT4-36-275