Coaxial & RF Protection

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Cx-3 – RF Equipment Protection up to 3GHz


Novaris RF Equipment Protection gas discharge surge protectors are capable of passing RF signals to 3GHz (limited by connector type). N-type female / female protectors are suitable for bulkhead mounting.

Product Codes: CN-MF-90-3, CN-FF-90-3, CN-MF-230-3, CN-FF-230-3, CN-MF-350-3, CN-FF-350-3, CN-MF-600-3, CN-FF-600-3, CN-MF-1000-3, CN-FF-1000-3, CB-MF-90-3, CB-FF-90-3, CB-MF-230-3, CB-FF-230-3, CB-MF-350-3, CB-FF-350-3, CB-MF-600-3, CB-FF-600-3, CB-MF-1000-3, CB-FF-1000-3, CD-MF-90-3, CD-FF-90-3, CD-MF-230-3, CD-FF-230-3, CD-MF-350-3, CD-FF-350-3, CD-MF-600-3, CD-FF-600-3, CD-MF-1000-3, CD-FF-1000-3, CF-FF-90-3, CF-FF-230-3, CF-FF-350-3, CF-FF-600-3, CF-FF-1000-3, CU-MF-90-3, CU-FF-90-3, CU-MF-230-3, CU-FF-230-3, CU-MF-350-3, CU-FF-350-3, CU-MF-600-3, CU-FF-600-3, CU-MF-1000-3, CU-FF-1000-3, CS-MF-90-3, CS-FF-90-3, CS-MF-230-3, CS-FF-230-3, CS-MF-350-3, CS-FF-350-3, CS-MF-600-3, CS-FF-600-3, CS-MF-1000-3, CS-FF-1000-3

CSTUB – RF Equipment Protection Tuned Stub


Novaris tuned stub surge protectors employ quarter-wavelength short circuit stub technology. Suitable for narrow bandwidth applications where no DC voltage is injected. RF power and surge rating are limited by the cables and connectors only.

Product Codes: CSTUB-D-MF-900, CSTUB-D-FF-900, CSTUB-N-MF-900, CSTUB-N-FF-900, CSTUB-D-MF-2400, CSTUB-D-FF-2400, CSTUB-N-MF-2400, CSTUB-N-FF-2400


EKIT – Cable Bonding Kit


Novaris Cable Bonding Kits are used to bond the shields of coaxial feeders and wave guides on communication towers and at cable entry points to communications buildings.

Product Codes: EKIT-012, EKIT-038, EKIT-012, EKIT-078, EKIT-158