MPU – Railway Signalling Protectors


Surges and transients appearing on signal lines pose a serious threat to the reliability of any electronic signalling system. Damage caused by the effects of lightning and switching transients frequently leads to malfunction or total shutdown of the system as well as large repair costs. In critical applications such as railway signalling, the consequences of such damage can be catastrophic.
Novaris’ range of MPU Railway Signalling Protectors has been developed in consultation with signalling engineers, project managers and maintenance providers of SSI and VPI signaling equipment, in Australia and overseas. Each protector is designed to provide the highest level of surge immunity for connected equipment with minimum impact on normal system operation. The circuits are configured so that any component failure, within or external to the protector, will not compromise the operational safety of the signalling system.

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Product Codes: SLD1-MPU4, SLD1-MPU5, SLD1-MPU6, SLD1-MPU8, SLD4-MPU7, SLD1-MPU9, SLD1-MPU11, SLD4-MPU10, SLD1-MPU12, SLD1-MPU14, SLD1-MPU15, SLD1-MPU16, SLD1-MPU17, SLD1-MPU18, SLD1-MPU20, SLD1-MPU21, SLD1-MPU22, SLD1-MPU23