SLD – High Surge Current Signal Line Protector


SLD Signal Line Protectors are designed to protect the most sensitive electronic equipment in lightning intense environments. So they are ideal for the protection of PLC’s, fire and security systems, railway signalling and SCADA equipment.

Models feature multistage transient protection which delivers a greater level of protection through a staged approach. The primary stage absorbs the majority of the surge energy. The remaining stages provide accurate clamping and a degree of redundancy.

Product Codes: SLD1-7v5, SLD1-18, SLD1-36, SLD1-68, SLD1-485, SLD1-DH, SLD1-PSTN, SLD2-7v5, SLD2-18, SLD2-36, SLD2-68, SLD2-485, SLD2-DH, SLD2-PSTN, SLD4-7v5, SLD4-18, SLD4-36, SLD4-68, SLD4-485, SLD4-DH, SLD4-PSTN