SL2 / SLH2 – Slimline Surge Protector


The Novaris SL2 and SLH2 range provides 20kA high energy surge protection for balanced pair signaling circuits, used in a wide range of industrial monitoring and control equipment. Applications include SCADA, PLC, fire and security systems, telecommunications and railway signaling. The SL2 is designed for protecting communication circuits with a 3dB of 60Mhz and the SLH2 is designed for instrumentation power circuits requiring up to 2.5A of current..

The SL2 and SLH2 range integrates a fault indicator and external alarm connection for surge protection monitoring. They are available with a -EC90 option to isolate the earth connection for protection of field equipment. The protection and alarm circuit is contained in a replaceable cartridge to minimise downtime.

Product Codes: SL2-7v5, SL2-18, SL2-36, SL2-68, SL2-PSTN, SL2-485-EC90, SL2-7v5-EC90, SL2-18-EC90, SL2-36-EC90, SL2-68-EC90, SL2-PSTN-EC90, SLH2-36, SLH2-68, SLH2-110, SLH2-230, SLH2-350